Definitions for "Grievance"
A cause of uneasiness and complaint; a wrong done and suffered; that which gives ground for remonstrance or resistance, as arising from injustice, tyranny, etc.; injury.
1) An employee's or employer's dissatisfaction or cause of distress (as an unsatisfactory working condition or unfair labor practice) felt to afford a reason for complaint or dispute. 2) A violation of a collective bargaining agreement usually by the employer.
A complaint about something unjust that was done.
A request from you or your provider for MHP to review a decision they have made about the request for services.
a formal written request by a student to a designated academic or administrative officer for which specific remedies are requested
an opportunity for a subscriber to have his/her request or dispute heard and decided by persons who were not directly involved in making the disputed decision
a claim or charge of injustice, oppression, or discrimination based upon an event or condition which affects the welfare or conditions of an individual at Dixie State College
A tenant's right to seek a hearing from an objective person or panel concerning any public housing authority action or failure to act involving the tenant's base rent or housing authority regulations that adversely affect the individual tenant's rights, duties, welfare, or status.
When you are unhappy with CBH because you did not get a service, you got less of a service or you got a different service than your provider (doctor) asked for and that you feel you need.
A concern that you have either been treated unfairly or are unsatisfied with the treatment you are receiving. There are procedures for filing a grievance to help address your concerns and ensure that you feel the matter is resolved either by our staff or an outside agency.
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Grieving; grief; affliction.
a resentment strong enough to justify retaliation; "holding a grudge"; "settling a score"
a recognized action and requires a written response from the neighborhood leadership
a written explanation of what the character has done wrong or how the character has failed to uphold the organization's tenets
If you have a problem with your quality of care, method of receiving care, or other issues, you may file a grievance in writing.
Request made to a health insurance company to reconsider coverage of a health care service that is not currently a covered benefit.
Process where a Medicare Advantage enrollee can contest decisions made by the insurer that are not related to health care and treatment or payment.
an expression of discontent about any matter other than a denied, reduced, or terminated service
an opportunity to speak on a subject matter only, so therefore the motion would be out of order
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the act of hurting someone that results in bad feelings