Definitions for "Gust"
A sudden squall; a violent blast of wind; a sudden and brief rushing or driving of the wind.
A sudden violent burst of passion.
A comparatively rapid fluctuation in the strength of the wind, characteristic of winds near the surface of the earth. Gusts are mainly due to the turbulence or eddy motion arising from the friction offered by the ground to the flow of the current of air. (See Squall).
The sense or pleasure of tasting; relish; gusto.
Gratification of any kind, particularly that which is exquisitely relished; enjoyment.
Intellectual taste; fancy.
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GUST is an acronym of acronyms for a series of tax laws that affect retirement plans. The acronyms for the tax laws included in GUST are GATT, USERRA, SBJPA, TRA '97, and RRA '98.
Japanese developer and publisher of game software titles, known for games such as Atelier Marie, Atelier Iris, and Ar tonelico.
Grady Undergraduate Services Team
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a strong current of air; "the tree was bent almost double by the gust"