Definitions for "Heloc"
Home Equity Line of Credit. A variable rate line of credit secured by a homeowner's equity. The lender provides funds on demand, with a corresponding lien against the property. The loan must be repaid in installments after a specified draw period.
a creative way to access your home equity
a far superior debt device than using a credit card or financing a car/boat/ RV purchase
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a different second mortgage beast entirely, with fangs and wings and spiraling eyes all its own
a second mortgage and mortgage interest is a tax deductible expense
a second mortgage that provides you
a great asset to have on hand for unexpected expenses or emergencies
a great way to take care of those major expenses
a great way to use the
a useful, versatile, and reusable financial tool
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a simple interest loan, which means that interest is
a variable rate interest loan, usually prime plus a margin, and there is often an interest only period
a variable-rate loan, and minimum monthly payments won't amortize the loan
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a convenient open-
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a mortgage placed on real estate in exchange for cash to the borrower
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an adjustable rate
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an example of Open-End Mortgage