Definitions for "Credit Score"
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A numerical evaluation of your credit history used by businesses to quickly understand how risky a borrower you are. Credit scores are calculated using complex mathematical formulas that look at your most current payment history, debts, credit history, inquiries and other factors from your credit report. Credit scores usually range from 300-850, with 680 or higher considered to be "good" credit scores. There are thousands of slightly different credit scoring formulas (including FICO, Beacon and Empirca scores) used by bankers, lenders, creditors, insurers and retailers. Each score can vary somewhat in how it evaluates your credit data. Click here to check your credit score online.
A computer based underwriting system used by lenders to assess a borrowers credit worthiness, potential ability to pay and overall risk of the borrower to the lender. Credit Scoring systems use historic information as well as a borrower's status to provide an assessment.
a method used in assessing an applicant's or borrower's credit worthiness.
a computer-generated number that lenders use to help determine how great a credit risk you are
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a gauge or predictor of how you"ll perform in the future
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a computer compiled and generated numerical rating that is used by most credit grantors to determine if further screening should be pursued
a figure used by lenders that is an indicator as to whether you are likely to pay off loans and whether you will make payments on time
a formula that tells a potential creditor how likely you are to default on a loan
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a record of points that aims to gauge how responsibly we have paid our bills and our loans, how much we have tried to keep away from some dire financial straits, and how effectively we have managed our budget
a means of ranking potential borrowers
an acronym that companies have come up with to use in determining quickly if a potential customer meets their qualifications for the extension of credit
a quick way for lenders to assess how risky you are as a potential borrower
a rating used by a lender or another company intended for use in
a sum used by lenders as an
A filtering system used by most "High Street Lenders". A computer analyses the application form and adds or deducts points for each answer. For example; having a Bank account with a cheque book and guarantee card will attract high points, but having no Bank account at all will get no points or even minus points.
a composite of both positive and negative information such as missed payments or bankruptcies (if any) as well as accounts paid satisfactorily
a basic rating of a person's trustworthiness based on their
See Credit rating.
a scientific method of determining your probability of paying bills on time
a snapshot of your credit at one point in time
This is your credit status based on searches carried out by a credit reference agency.
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Date of last delinquency
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a value assigned to several criteria used in
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a very popular measure of the financial responsibility of an applicant