Definitions for "credit report"
A report containing detailed information on a persons credit history, including...
The individual records of consumer financial behavior kept by credit bureaus and provided to businesses when they want to evaluate potential borrowers. Credit reports include records on: consumer name, current and former addresses, employment, credit and loan histories, inquiries, collection records, and public records such as bankruptcy filings and tax liens. You can purchase your credit reports online anytime.
A report issued by a credit reporting agency that indicates how a person has used credit in the past. It is generated from information provided by creditors and from public records upon the request of consumers, creditors, and others with a legitimate business reason to check the report.
A confidential document that provides the financial record and reputation of an applicant who is being underwritten for insurance. Return to the top
A credit document that shows credit or loan account, balances, employment and financial transactions.
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Credit Shelter Trust
Document indicating credit circumstances of a borrower of a real estate loan.
verifies any federal tax liens, or other judgments, handed down against the borrower.
The ratio, expresses as a percentage, which results when a borrower's monthly payment obligation on long- term debts is divided by his or her net effective income (FHA/VA loans) or gross monthly income (conventional loans). See housing expenses-to-income ratio.
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Disclosure Discount points
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source of information on which the lender bases his decision to make the loan.