Definitions for "credit check"
The process of evaluating an applicants loan request or a corporations debt...
A request made to a Credit Bureau or Credit Reporting Agency (also known as a Credit Agency). The Credit Check is preformed to confirm your creditworthiness: your current credit limits and balances, whether or not you make timely payments, your employment and personal information and whether or not you have a history of past credit problems. The credit check made for a Brazos HELP loan is valid for 90 days. If you apply for a Brazos HELP loan, but do not return your application/credit agreement within that timeframe, another credit check may be needed to issue your loan.
Credit Check : Financial Glossary at 1Stop Finance (UK) More Credit File - Your credit file contains details of your credit history More
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a vital component of
The in-depth analysis of companies to determine their ability to fulfill their payment obligations.
a routine part of qualifying for a mortgage