Definitions for "credit line"
An arrangement in which a bank or vendor extends a specified amount of unsecured...
An agreement whereby a bank or business will supply a specified maximum amount of money or merchandise to a customer on credit. The customer often borrows and repays from time to time as needed, but is limited to the agreed-upon maximum amount.
The amount of foreign currency exposure a firm will allow a client to take
a line giving the name of the writer of a story or article
An approved line of credit that can be used to finance daily business operations or other on-going expenses. Please see the Home Page for more information.
A formal acknowledgement that copyrighted material has been reproduced with permission of the copyright holder. The credit line accompanies the reproduced material (e.g., at the end of an article). A credit line might read as follows: "(Title)(Volume/Edition) by (Author). Copyright (Copyright Year) by (Copyright Holder). Reproduced with permission of (Copyright Holder) via Copyright Clearance Center."
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(See Manumark).
a short term loan usually paid back within six months to a year and can be beneficial to a new business to prove credit worthiness in the future
This field provides information regarding the source of funds used to purchase a work or a donor-specified dedication.
a payment method that provides the ability for a Buyer to delay the payment settlement for all orders
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Any extension of credit.