Definitions for "HLA"
Human leukocyte antigens. These are proteins on the surface of the bodies' cells. They help the immune system recognize our own cells as “self” as opposed to “foreign” -- based on the HLA proteins present. We try to find the best HLA match for a patient who needs an allogeneic transplant.
Human Leukocyte Antigens. A series of antigens found on white blood cells and most other cells of the body that are used to determine tissue type. Your HLA allows your immune system to recognize self from non-self. When these proteins are the same for both donor and recipient, an allogeneic stem cell transplant is much more likely to be successful. In stem cell transplantation, the HLA antigens routinely typed for are HLA-A, B, and DR.
the acronym for uman eukocyte ntigen is the genetic designation for the human MHC. Individual loci are designated by upper case letters, as in HLA-A and alleles are designated in numbers, as in HLA-A 201.
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HLA is a time signal transmitter and is in use in Taedok, Science Town, Rep. of Korea at 36° 23'N 12 ...
High Level Architecture. It is an IEEE standard that describes the technical architecture for all simulations used in the Department of Defense.
High Level Architecture. See also Distributed Interactive Simulation, Federation Execution Data, Federation Object Model, Run-Time Infrastructure.
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High Level Architekture
Abbreviation for: high level airspace Fr: HLA
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Hill Launch Assist
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House List Abstract
The tissue typing determinants used to determine compatibility.