Definitions for "Infanticide"
Keywords:  murder, kills, newborn, child, cide
The murder of an infant born alive; the murder or killing of a newly born or young child; child murder.
One who commits the crime of infanticide; one who kills an infant.
The killing or murder of a small child (Infant). No entries No entries Love A emotional, spiritual or physical realtionship with another person. Often a combination of some or all of these. See also 1 Corinthiams 13 and John 3:116.
Keywords:  latour, cheeky, geek, ought, decades
Cheeky geek way of saying a bottle has been consumed far earlier than it ought to have been, and thus wasted. ("It was Infanticide to open that '96 Latour; it needs decades yet...")
strange in primates because they depend so much on social relations