Definitions for "Information Retrieval"
Finding the right information. Good information retrieval methods help ensure users find everything they are looking for, and only what they are looking for.
A field of specialization in computer science that looks at systematic ways of storing and retrieving data, including consideration of database design and implementation.
Information retrieval is the term used to describe the retrieval of electronic documents based on a query.
The process of recalling information after it has been stored.
The study of systems for indexing, searching, and recalling data, particularly text or other unstructured forms.
The techniques of storing and recovering and often disseminating recorded data especially through the use of a computerized system. (Webster, 1950)
All of the combined series of screens of information available to a Telephone Secretary or a Dispatcher regarding an account, including call-processing procedure, phone numbers and other contact information for key individuals, directions or other instructions which may be given to a caller, definition of an emergency, emergency procedures, etc.