Definitions for "Interrogation"
The act or process of interrogating or questioning; examination by questions; an instance of interrogating; inquiry.
A question put; an inquiry.
A point, mark, or sign, thus [?], indicating that the sentence with which it is connected is a question. It is used to express doubt, or to mark a query. Usually called a question mark; called also interrogation point.
Interrogation is the practice of interviewing people, often without their consent, in order to obtain information regarding crimes. It typically involves a direct accusation or the presupposition of guilt or blame.
Interrogation is a methodology employed during the interview of a person, referred to as a "source", to obtain information that the source would not otherwise willingly disclose.
a transmission that will trigger an answering transmission from a transponder
a critical component in nearly every criminal investigation
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A type of role play - can be very intense. Interrogation may involve torture.
a "two-way" (or "blocking", or "synchronous") operation
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A request for data.