Definitions for "Accepted Answer Here"
Keywords:  iframe, div, auto, buffer, approach
a anothe approach ( uses iframe as buffer with auto-size of div tag)
Keywords:  ncq, comparison, drive, non
a comparison of a NCQ vs non NCQ drive
Keywords:  standalone, doc, link, packs, expand
a link to a converter
a link to a thin client doc please let me know if this helps or expand on what you might be looking for
a link to the service packs currently available - please note that they are different for a standalone vs
a list of directories to submit your site to along with the PR
a page that i have that will get the memberOf column and list them out
Keywords:  macromedia, pretty, website, post, long
a pretty long post on MacroMedia's Website regarding this
a script from microsoft - it does not matter what it does
a simple script that will check to see if IE is running
a very simple solution
a question in this forum that gives a good discussion MS RS
Keywords:  code, sample, clean, version, bit
a bit clean version of your code
a sample code
Keywords:  minor, change
a minor change