Definitions for "rtfm"
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Read the F**king Manual
_R_ead _T_he _F_*cking _M_anual. Euphemistically, the acronym can also be expanded as _R_ead _T_he "_F_ine" _M_anual. It is generally used when someone has asked a question that is quickly and completely answered in existing documentation or a ''FAQ'', and it's obvious that the questioner hasn't bothered to look. (e.g. "What are the options for ls?)
Read The (expletive) Manual
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rtfm is a release tool for mp3-albums.It creates out of serveral information a good looking album release. This mean, it rename the files,the directory,retagging the mp3files and create nfo and sfv file in a integrative way
RTFM is Poster Children's fifth album, released in 1997.
A way to tell people to stop bothering you and investigate the problem for themselves.