Definitions for "knowledgebase "
The knowledgebase is a tool to help you build a knowledgebase. It is organized into various topics. Users ask questions pertaining to certain topics. The questions/answers are browsable by keywords. The data is stored in a relational database. You need to have Apache with PHP3 and MySQL to use this tool.
The knowledgebase contains an archive of solutions to previous problems. It can also hold answers to frequently asked questions. Knowledgebase items detailing problems and their solutions are called articles. Articles can be marked as private (internal use only) or public. A Cerberus Helpdesk Public Knowledgebase Interface can be set up easily on your company's web site to provide a self-help avenue for your customers.
A self-service repository of frequently asked questions.
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an altogether different thing
a collection of information organized in a way that a user is able to access it, similar to a dictionary or encyclopedia
an archive for agencies and vendors of financial system requirements, business practices and certified vendor product features
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a place where you can store all kinds of information, your knowledge
a site where you can collect all kinds of facts, your knowledge
an interactive, electronic presentation of a structured body of knowledge, skills, and abilities