Definitions for "Interventional radiology"
Interventional radiologists like other medical specialists are doctors who have many years of special training after medical school. This training includes radiation safety as well as the use of X-rays and other imaging techniques (radiology) that "see" inside the body without surgery. These physicians also undergo extensive training in techniques. Using radiologic images to guide their procedures, interventional radiologists insert thin tubes (catheters) and other tiny instruments through the blood vessels and other pathways of the body to treat a wide variety of conditions that once required surgery.
A medical specialty where doctors use imaging technologies to diagnose blockages in arteries and also treat them with balloons, stents, and catheter delivered medications.
procedures using imaging modalities to guide needles, wires, and tubes into various structures of the body in order to diagnose or treat a disease or condition.
technique to either open up closed blood vessels or close off bleeding vessels through very small holes in the skin