Definitions for "kickback"
A secret, and usually illegal, payment, by a recipient of money paid for goods or services, to a facilitator of the transaction, of a portion of that money;
any portion of a gain made by the seller in a commercial transaction which is returned surreptitiously and illegally to a person (such as a purchasing agent) who authorized or recommended the purchase. It is generally considered a form of bribe.
An illegal, secret payment made in return for a referral which resulted in a transaction or contract.
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a) When a chainsaw's bar rebounds upward off the log being sawed, often in a uncontrolled manner and out of the faller's control. b) When a tree being felled slips backward off the stump toward the faller.
A strong thrust of the saw back towards the sawyer resulting from improper use of the top corner of the guide bar's tip.
The dangerous action that happens when a saw suddenly jumps backward out of a cut, or when a stationary power saw throws a piece of wood back at the operator. !-- document.write("SCR" + "IPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript1.1' SRC=';poe=move;pos=BAR;sz=300x250;ord=7312006141749481982543?'/SCR" + "IPT"); // --!-- if ((!document.images && navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Mozilla/2.") = 0) || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("WebTV")= 0)) { document.write("A HREF=';poe=move;pos=BAR;sz=300x250;ord=7312006141749481982543?' TARGET='_blank'"); document.write("IMG SRC=';poe=move;pos=BAR;sz=300x250;ord=7312006141749481982543?' WIDTH='300' HEIGHT='250' BORDER='0' ALT=''/A");
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Vertical division boards between lanes in the pit. On most hits, the pins bounce off the kickbacks to knock down additional pins.
The dividers between lanes in the pit which often cause previously contacted pins to knock down other pins by providing a backboard to repel them back towards the remaining pins.
Vertical division boards between the sides of the lanes at the pit end. On many hits the pins can bounce off the kickbacks and knock down more pins; see also "sidewalls". Variations: Loose kickback means that there is not much rigidity to the sides, this causes the force of the pins to be absorbed easier resulting in less movement/bounce of the pins back onto the pin deck; Tight kickbacks means very solid rigid sides resulting in more bounce of the pins; desirable for higher scores.
In finance, practice whereby sales finance companies reward dealers who discount installments purchase paper through them with cash payments.
Money reward given to an agency or person for referring a customer.
In the context of finance, refers to compensation of dealers by sales finance companies for discounting installment purchase paper. In the context of contracts, refers to secret payments made to insure that the contract goes to a specific firm.
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an idiotic notion for many reasons
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a variant of key-card Blackwood in which the asking bid is one step above four of the agreed trump suit.
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recoil, of a gun or machine, as in older automobile engines when started by turning a crank.
An amount of money, goods or services paid to unscrupulous buyers by suppliers to place their goods into a company's stores to either replace another brand or to move their goods to prime locations over others.
A return of a part of a fee given back because of a confidential agreement or coercion.
A slang term used to describe the payment of something of value to another individual with the goal of persuading or influencing their decision or performance in certain situations.
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See steering kickback
an arrangement between two parties which involves an offer to pay for Medicare business
Kickback is the name of several characters in the Transformers universes.
a payment for referring a client, patient, or customer