Definitions for "Lease option"
Keywords:  rent, tenant, overage, lessee, lessor
A contract between a lessor and lessee in which the lessee is able to purchase the property after the lease expires for a predetermined price.
a combination between a rental agreement and a purchase option
a contract that is typically entered into by a lessee (the individual who will be driving the given vehicle) and a lessor (the individual or company that actually owns the vehicle)
Keywords:  slow, sell, market, desirable, gaining
a good way to sell property during a slow market and sometimes it will lead to selling at a higher price than in a normal transaction
a popular means to sell less desirable properties or to sell properties in a slow market
a technique which involves gaining "control" of a property, but not ownership
an example of a unilateral agreement, which means that it is binding upon one person and in this instance, that person is the Seller
a perfect way to have the benefits of home ownership while giving you the needed time to clean up your credit
Keywords:  owner, house, contract, his, her
a contract where an owner leases his or her house , usually from one