Definitions for "Lifejacket"
Keywords:  rower, coxes, penny, compulsory, hire
Proof, if any were required, that rowers are two-a-penny, but good coxes are hard to find.
a compulsory accessory, and if you hire a rower he will provide you with one
Keywords:  kapok, afloat, buoyant, buoyancy, canoe
Worn by the drivers to let them float when thrown from their boat.
a garment or a device that, when used in the water, will provide a specific amount of buoyancy so as to position and maintain an
an article of protective clothing that is designed to keep the wearer floating above the surface of the water
Keywords:  aresenal, important, piece, your
an important piece of your aresenal
Keywords:  saving, equipment
a life saving equipment