Definitions for "BCD"
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A coding scheme for the storage of data. The code was originally four-bit, latter extended to six-bit before becoming IBM's EBDIC.
inary oded ecimal where decimal digits are expressed in a binary code between 0000 (zero) and 1001 (nine)
Binary coded decimal. A coding system in which each decimal digit from 0 to 9 is represented by four binary (0 or 1) digits.
Garment worn when diving to control floatation and boyancy. Also allows the diver to swim or rest without struggling to keep his head above water.
Buoyancy Compensating Devices
Buoyancy Control Device - holds your tank, lets you control your buoyancy and acts as a flotation device on the surface.
The Natural Heritage Inventory Biological Conservation Database, a relational database management application containing 36 database files and more than 2,000 information fields regarding tracked plants, animals, and natural communities.
Biological Conservation Data System. The Heritage Program database system and software developed by The Nature Conservancy. Replaced by NatureServe's Heritage Data Management System.
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uoyancy ontrol evice
Basin cleaning device. A continuous clean-out system for removing the clogging layer that accumulates on the bottoms and sides of deep recharge basins and inhibits percolation; the BCV has been patented by OCWD.
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Board Certified Diplomate
Bouyancy Control Device - a controlable device used to maintain positive bouyancy at the surface and neutral under water.
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bad conduct discharge
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Behind Closed Doors
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Business Center Development