Definitions for "Lifter"
Lifter (Ned Lathrop) is a fictional mutant supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. He was created by Jack Kirby in Captain America Annual Vol.1 #4 (1977).
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see hydraulic lash adjuster limited-slip differential lockup torque converter Loctite® log manifold logic module
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Lifter (2001) is the second album for the Dallas, Texas based band Edgewater. The album was recorded independently before the band was signed to Wind-up Records in mid-2003.
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an athlete who lifts barbells
A mechanism for raising a part in a die to a height for advancing it to another station, as in a progressive die, or for ejecting it from the die. Also incorrectly called a kicker or ejector.
A headset accessory that takes your phone's handset off-hook, so you have access to the telephone line to place or answer calls. Some lifters-such as the Touch-N-Talk-function manually when you press a lever. Others-such as GN Netcom ReadiLine-operate automatically when you activate your headset.
a tremendous stone and metal construction, a rotating column of floating machinery and titanic blocks of volcanic rock over a mile wide and three miles tall
a device that sits within the tappet body and transfers the motion of the tappet body to the pushrod
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a thief who steals goods that are in a store
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A tool for lifting loose sand from the mold; also, a contrivance attached to a cope, to hold the sand together when the cope is lifted.
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A ball that rises unexpectedly
A product purchaser who takes (lifts) crude, fuel, or feedstock physically from a producer's or reseller's facility. Oil frequently has a buyer and a lifter. The buyer, some times a contract holder, sells his stem to someone else who lifts it from the source.
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See "Cam Follower".
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See Carrier.
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One who, or that which, lifts.