Definitions for "reseller"
One who buys goods from a manufacturer and resells them to customers unchanged.
An independent company that buys airtime in bulk at wholesale rates from carriers. This airtime is then resold to individuals or companies. The difference between the wholesale and retail rate is their margin, allowing for operating expenses such as billing, customer service, etc.
1) A business that buys goods from a manufacturer and resells them to customers unchanged. 2) Value Added Reseller (VAR) - a business that buys a product from a manufacturer and adds value to it before selling it to a retailer or consumer. Value-added features could include adding software, configuring components into a system, etc.
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an intermediary
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A webhost who resells web space off of a shared server with other resellers.
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a good way into the business without too much outlay
consumer reporting agency that assembles and merges information contained in the database of another consumer reporting agency and does not maintain a database of the assembled and merged information to produce new reports.
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a client who has two or more accounts with us
On the one hand, a reseller is a user to the system and has a reseller account. On the other hand, a reseller has a reseller administrative account, which is created from inside the reseller account.
An entity offering Microsoft software.