Definitions for "LOADING COIL"
Induction device employed in local loops, generally those exceeding 5,500 meters in length, that compensates for the wire capacitance and serves to boost voice grade frequencies. They are often removed for new-generation, high-speed, local-loop data services as they can distort data signals at higher frequencies than those used for voice.
A coil of wire wound around a magnetic core, which provides a lumped inductance which can be inserted in series with a cable pair to improve voice frequency transmission.
Also called Voice coils, these inductive devices used to be installed on weak phone lines in order to boost the loudness of frequencies in the range of the voice. On voice-only circuits the benefit is obvious. On modem and data circuits this device cuts the data rate of the connection. These devices are no longer used, but may be present on older lines, especially in areas that are distant from the CO.