Definitions for "Loka"
according to hindu tradition, the Universe is made of three worlds ( triloka), the world of the Earth ( bhuloka), the intermediate world between the Earth and the Sun ( bhuvarloka), and the location between the Sun and the Pole-star ( Svarloka). Other worlds are also known, for instance the world of Gods, the world of Semi-gods (Asura), etc. In the buddhist tradition, one defines the world of Gods, the world of Semi-gods, the world of men, the world of animals, the world of greedy beings, the world of infernal regions
(literally, world): A physical or subtle realm of existence.
a vast space, a world.
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A plane of existence, a planet. mada — Madness. One of the six enemies of the soul.
Planet, star, place of residence, living environment
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true nature of the universe