Definitions for "Lookahead"
another example of how newsrooms turn normal words into jargon. A list of stories and ideas which…looks ahead. May be daily, like an outlook, or longer-term: “ Move that fireworks convention from last week’s lookahead into the Monday outlook, will you
Lookahead is a tool in algorithms for looking ahead a few more input items before making a cost effective decision at one stage of the algorithm.
Keywords:  goto, parser, conflicts, analyze, shift
A symbol used by the parser to determine whether to shift (goto a new state) or reduce (make a reduction). Also, a lookahead set is created internally by the parser generator to analyze the states that are causing conflicts.
Keywords:  regex, string, match, consumed, engine
a pattern that is required to match next in the string, but which is not consumed by the regex engine
the number of instructions that can be accessed for issue by the scheduler of the instruction window (usually corresponding to the length of the instruction window). [SILC99][TOP OF THE PAGE