Definitions for "Mail order"
purchasing goods by post, from a catalogue or from the web.
A term that encompasses all aspects of the business of soliciting and fulfilling orders through the mail. Advertising materials are mailed directly to the potential customer to solicit orders. The recipients respond directly to the sender by mail or telephone. Payment is made by mail or telephone and the merchandise is shipped by the U.S. Postal Service or other direct delivery service. Book clubs conduct business in this manner, often supplemented by advertising in other media, such as magazines. Mail order is also called direct mail marketing. Although small specialty firms have accounted for most of the mail order businesses, department stores do a significant volume of business. However, a few firms selling general merchandise lines have accounted for most mail-order volume during recent years. The most important during the late 20th century were Sears, Roebuck and Company and Montgomery Ward & Company. Book and record clubs also use direct mail very effectively to market their books, tapes, and CDs. See also ACCOUNT LIST BOOK CLUB CARRIER FULFILLMENT HOUSE SHIPPING AND HANDLING UNDELIVERABLE
The process of ordering and paying for products or services through the post.
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Retail sales conducted by mail.
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a purchase negotiated by mail