Definitions for "Masculinity"
Gendered representations in the post-war years structured British society by promoting particular feminine and masculine roles. Attributes of masculinity, the counterpart of femininity, are linked with those of domesticity. After the war, men returned to their role as civilian ' breadwinner' once again and reaffirmed their position as provider. In illustrative and photographic imagery, the knitwear designs particularly show men in a 'masculine', active or sporting mode, for example, golfing, with racing binoculars, or smoking a pipe.
The social characteristics associated with holding the status of biological maleness.
Attaching particular social values to the sexual characteristics of males, such as physical strength and aggression.
Physical appearance relating to male characteristics.
This relates to the values that are important to individuals at the workplace
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How you feel about yourself as a man.
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The state or quality of being masculine; masculineness.