Definitions for "Member Services"
The Aetna Member Services department assists members with questions about plan benefits and, if applicable to your plan, selecting or changing a primary care physician (PCP). Calling the toll-free number on your ID card will connect you with your plan's Aetna Member Services office. If you do not have your ID card yet, contact your employer's benefits office for your Member Services toll-free number. | | | | | | | | I-L | | | | P-Q | | | T-Z
A group of health plan employees who are trained to help memberâ€(tm)s understand and use the benefits in the memberâ€(tm)s specific plan. Optima Health plan members can reach Member Services by calling the number on the front of their member ID card. back to the top
The department responsible for helping members with any problems, handling member grievances and complaints, tracking and reporting patterns of problems encountered, and enhancing the relationship between members of the plan and the plan itself.