Definitions for "Metabolic"
Relating to metabolism, a term used to describe the chemical and physical changes that occur in the body when molecules are either broken down or built up in cells and tissues.
Metabolic means of or relating to metabolism.
The aggregate of all chemical processes that take place in living organisms, resulting in growth, generation of energy, elimination of wastes and other bodily functions as they relate to the disturbances of nutrients in the blood after digestion.
Of or pertaining to metamorphosis; pertaining to, or involving, change.
Of or pertaining to metabolism; as, metabolic activity; metabolic force.
undergoing metamorphosis
Enzymes that catalyze reactions in living cells that transform organic molecules
Refers to the balance between uptake, degradation and utilisation of food.
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An action that takes place inside the body.
Having to do with body chemistry
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See Metabolism.