Definitions for "Microscopic"
Very small.
visible only by the aid of a microscope; as, a microscopic insect; also used figuratively; as, a microscopic advantage.
To be so small as to be invisible without the use of a microscope.
The description of the behavior of individual molecules (at the molecular level). The behavior of an individual molecule may be very different from other identical molecules. In systems with a very large number of identical molecules, these individual deviations are negligible and contribute to the noise (random fluctuation) of a property of this system. The decay of a radioactive material is a good example of such an internal fluctuation. While the decay of isotopes can be predicted for a large clump of radioactive material (e.g. its half-life time, which is a macroscopic property), the actual time point of decay of an individual isotope cannot be predicted with accuracy and is random. However, we can assign a probability that it will decay within a certain amount of time (similar arguments can be made for individuals who have risk factors indicating the chance of developing a disease like cancer or a heart attack).
Seeing the situation at the particle level: atoms, molecules, or ions.
Microscopic is the first of only two EP's by the Industrial music group Download. It was one of the first releases with a lenticular cover. Their previous LP, Furnace, also made use of this new type of packaging.
Of or pertaining to the microscope or to microscopy; made with a microscope; as, microscopic observation.
Pertaining to the underlying quantum state of a system
This describes what they saw under the microscope. Not all reports describe the pathology. Some go right to the diagnosis, while others give you a description of what the cells look like. back to pathology report
Able to see extremely minute objects.
Not able to be seen without a microscope.
of or relating to or used in microscopy; "microscopic analysis"; "microscopical examination"
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so tiny that it cannot be seen without a microscope
tiny (generally requiring microscope to see)
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Needing a microscope to be seen.
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Capable of being seen or studied only through a microscope