Definitions for "Mille"
MILLE stands for the acronym "Modèle d'Infrastructure en Logiciel Libre pour l'Éducation", which is a free software community for education. Its work mostly in English. But the project is maintained by people from Quebec and their first Language is French.
Mille is one of the 31 woredas in the Afar Region of Ethiopia. It is named for the Mille River, a tributary of the Awash River, which flows through this woreda.
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Mille is a two-player card game requiring two standard 52-card decks. Mille is a rummy game similar to canasta in the respects that if a player picks up cards from the discard pile, the player picks up the entire pile, and the only legal melds are three or more cards of a same rank.
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one thousand Renting items
(latin) one thousand (1,000)
a thousand, therefore, CPM means cost per thousand
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referring to the number 1000 or a very large number ("millefolius" = "very many leaves")