Definitions for "Moir"
stiff fabric with a design woven in, creating a watermark effect usually of silk or polyester.
A taffeta fabric with a watermark (wood grain) pattern woven into it.
Artifact of TV picture in the form of a wavy unwanted pattern, a simple example of which is observed by holding one comb behind another. It is usually caused by interference or lack of sampling rate.
Moir - [MOY-er] is a surname of Scottish origin, falling under the Clan Gordon of the Scottish Highlands. The name in its present form dates from early in the second millennium, A.D. and means "brave, renowned, mighty" in the Scots Gaelic dialect. The Moirs are said to hail from the Aberdeen and Glasgow area of Scotland.
Keywords:  bulky, seam, sharp, corner, folding
A way of folding the excess seam allowance to achieve a less bulky, sharp corner.
A watered wood-grain effect printed or embossed on the decorative surface of wallpaper.