Definitions for "MUSTANG"
Keywords:  hardy, mestengo, feral, stray, wild
An indocile horse of the western plains. In English society, the American wife of an English nobleman.
The half-wild horse of the plains in Mexico, California, etc. It is small, hardy, and easily sustained.
The small hardy horses of the western plains directly descended from horses brought in by Spaniards (Mexican Spanish mestengo, stray [1808])
Keywords:  enlisted, navy, fighter, sailor, began
Term for an officer raised from the enlisted ranks. Also the name of the F-51 Mustang fighter plane.
Navy and Marine Corps slang for an officer that was once an enlisted man.
an individual who began as an enlisted sailor and worked his/her way up to a Navy Officer
The 1965-67 GT/GTA V-8 models are milestone cars. The 1969-70 Boss 302/Mach 1 models are milestone cars.
a FAST car, but NOT a sportscar
an early Allison powered model
the code name of AMD's high end Athlon processor. Yet unreleased it is rumored to have 1-2MB of on-die L2 cache. It will be available in the 4th quarter of 2000.
Keywords:  falcon, worked, over
a worked-over Falcon
Keywords:  warm, suit, fall, inside, heat
a full body life suit designed to not only keep you on top of the water but to use your body heat to warm the water inside the suit to keep you warm if you fall in