Definitions for "MVP"
Mitral vale prolapse
Mitral Valve Prolapse. A heart condition due to improper closure of one of the heart valves.
itral alve rolapse - MVP is a FAD diagnosis about something that is a normal variation of a normal heart. It NEVER causes any symptoms and that diagnosis will never be made after 10-15 years from now to the embarassment of those who have made it something else to worry about in patients who have a complex of symptoms.[Dr. Stoll]   Nitrogen
most valuable player; the player judged to be the most important to the sport, also the name of the award given to that player.
Most Valuable Professional. Microsofts accreditation to volunteers who know there stuff. What's an MVP
Most Valuable Professionals
MINIMUM VIABLE POPULATION. The size of a population which, with a given probability, will ensure the persistence of the population for a specified period of time.
minimum viable population. The smallest population size that can avoid extinction due to breeding problems or random environmental þuctuations.
Minimum Viable Population. A population that is sustained over time, balancing reproduction and mortality, in the absence of a fishery. The ARMP target density for MVP is 2,000 abalone per hectare.
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Multimedia Video Processor. A chip designed by T.I. and other companies. (7/96)
Multimedia Video Processor. Refers to the digital signal processor (DSP) created by Texas Instruments and used as the primary component (processor ÒchipÓ) of the development board.
Multi-port Video Processor for the Silicon Graphics O2 system. The MVP driver supports the O2 video input and output as well as the screen capture devices. It was designed and written to the device-dependent specification of the Video Library (VL) replacement for O2 workstation, DVL (Direct Video Library, that is, no video daemon).
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Mersey Valley Partnership
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Manufacturer Vantage Point
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The Meningitis Vaccine Project
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Mentors in Violence Prevention
Materialâ€(tm)s Valuation Price. The standard price for a standard price material, the moving average price for a moving average price material.
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Motor Vehicle Producer