Definitions for "Network Information Service"
Keywords:  nis, passwd, microsystems, dns, sun
(acronym "NIS") An IP resolution service above the DNS layer which provides a central point of administration for common configuration files and preserves the consistency of these configuration files across all hosts on the network.
A set of protocols, developed by Sun Microsystems, that are used to provide directory services for network information.
A reliable network service that provides a mapping from keys in maps to values. Some common maps include passwd for identifying and authenticating users, groups for authorizing users to access certain resources on machines, names for converting computer names to IP addresses (not commonly used, DNS is more common) NIS has lots of other possible uses, such as telephone books and any other data that is read-mostly and changes slowly.
A set of services in the Network File System that propagate information out from masters to recipients; used for the maintenance of system files on complex networks.