Definitions for "nice feature"
a "clickable" map that links to various cities in Estonia
a map showing the locations of all present teams and their antecedents
a membership list divided by region with a clickable image map of Missouri
a demonstration of fingerspelling
a "bad" ending you get if you earn your fee but don't accomplish everything you should have
an indicator on the display when you start going into the digital zoom
a pleasant little encyclopedia where you can find weaknesses, strengths and a short description of units and principal characters
Keywords:  wrest, ergonomic, wrist, included
an included ergonomic wrist wrest
Keywords:  discmans, auxiliary, input
an auxiliary input for Discmans etc
Keywords:  nightcap, buffets, guests, bar, kitchen
a small but comfortable bar area which was open in the evenings for a nightcap
a wooden bar at the opening between the living room and kitchen -- perfect for buffets and serving guests
Keywords:  hotline, quiz, job, suited, categories
a job quiz which identifies likely job categories for which you may be suited
a list of company job hotline telephone numbers
Keywords:  brief, biography, quoted, letters, note
a brief biography for each quoted author
a brief note in the Table of Contents describing each of the letters
a listing of journalists with contact information
a listing of plant species by toxicity from extremely toxic to only mildly toxic
an explanation of scientific names and a list of plants and animals highlighted in the book
a robot's dock in which smaller robots (in the game called droids) can be docked with, transported and even repaired
an applet that generates a math worksheet with random numbers
a guide at the beginning of the catalog for additional value if the variety is on a first day cover, has a bullseye cancel, is on a commercial cover, or is in a block of four or six
a permanently attached hinged battery compartment cover
Keywords:  litter, diet, vital, cat, statistics
a boxed "Basics" section about each cat, giving vital statistics, such as length and weight, diet, litter size, and North American population estimates
Keywords:  tough, shoe, heels, padding, seated
a tough rubber sole that extends around the back of the shoe and provides padding for your heels when seated
an email notification of any security threats, I really like that
a set of newspaper cuttings and contemporary photos
a link that lets you download fund company brochures in English or French
a house way button to arrange your hand, although once clicked the action is irreversible
Keywords:  zip, foot, across, bag
a zip across the foot of the bag
a column presenting a man's perspective called "Heart of a Husband"
Keywords:  collar, neck, stands, around, your
a collar that stands up around your neck
Keywords:  bath, review, bedding, brands, top
a review of top brands for bedding and bath
Keywords:  led, monitors, circuit, output, ratio
a bi-color LED which monitors the heating circuit's power output ratio
Keywords:  discussion, board
a discussion board
Keywords:  built
a built in L
a parental remote control for the music and flashing lights
an on-screen indicator showing when it is connected to external power