Definitions for "Nodules"
A nodule is a circumscribed elevation of the skin larger than a papule (1 cm). They often extend into the dermis, and may be due to inflammatory, neoplastic, or metabolic in origin.
Pimples that appear on some beef rounds or beef bung caps.
from symptoms page (see skin erruptions) ocular: of the eye. papules - sold acne-like nodules peri-oral dermatitis: photoderm: an intense light source, fired at the facial skin to reduce flushing associated with rosacea. a new treatment for rosacea that is producing some exciting results. ityriasis Rosea : A skin disease. Because of the similar spelling, this disease is sometimes confused with rosacea. (Note: There is no such thing as Pityriasis Rosacea.) You can read more about Pityriasis Rosea at this link. pustule: puss-filled nodule. - a vesicle filled with cloudy fluid, such as pus, often associated with a hair follicle but can exist independently.
Swelling caused by bacteria Rhizobium spp. which live on the roots or stems of leguminous plants.
Swellings on the roots of legumes which are inhabited by nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
swellings on the roots of legumes where nitrogen-fixing bacteria live.
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in metal lid/preform assembly, lumps of plating extending above the surface of the lid.
Metal debris in plated through holes that is plated over
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A small mass of cells or tissue, which may be a normal part of the body or a growth such as a tumor.
Small lumps.
a small knot like protuberance or node.