Definitions for "Nubbin"
A small or imperfect ear of maize.
A small protruberance coming out from the face of the rock. Usually rounded, it is similar to a mole or wart on skin. Rarely much use as a handhold, they can be useful footholds.
a small nub (especially an undeveloped fruit or ear of corn)
Keywords:  olq, oll, cep, cuticular, cilium
CN Cuticular nubbin (S) Ciliary cap (S) A very short lateral projection from the cilium of some sensory dendrites ( CEP, OLL, OLQ, ADE) that embeds into the inner cuticle layer, presumably anchoring the cilium to the cuticle. The nubbin material is apparently an extracellular secretion from the cilium and is somewhat electron dense, but generally does not produce an external bump (papilla) on the surface of the animal. These sensory endings sometimes are open through the cuticle, but are more often closed ( Perkins et al., 1986). See Papilla
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A little hold that only a few fingers can grip, or the tips of the toes.