Definitions for "small town"
Keywords:  tale, nianji, screenplay, ruin, hinder
an intensely personal tale of loss and ruin, alienation and suppressed desire in the period shortly after the Japanese invasion has been repelled
a tale where there exist secondary characters that therefore receive less attention but the structure calls for that and does not hinder any intentions of Li Nianji's screenplay
a film that speaks a forgotten language - one of love and constraint, of allusions and double meanings, and of graceful gestures capable of condensing centuries of Chinese history and culture
a romance inspired by the filming of a movie in my hometown
a good place for kids to learn how to grow together
a place where the only thing taller than the church is the grain elevator
a place where there is little to see or do, but what you hear makes up for it
a small-scale, intimate Chekhovian chamber drama, but a very powerful and beautiful one
Keywords:  deere, john, dealer, authorized
an authorized John Deere dealer
Keywords:  town, people, community
a community of people smaller than a town