Definitions for "dinky"
small and insignificant; shabby or unimpressive; as, he drove to work in a dinky old Volkswagen; we stayed in a dinky little hotel.
Any small, undersized locomotive.
a small locomotive
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pretty and neat; fashionable or well-dressed; as, what a dinky little hat.
(British informal) pretty and neat; "what a dinky little hat"
The two-car train that shuttles people from Princeton to Princeton Junction, which is on the Northeast Corridor line.
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DINKY is an acronym, short for dual (or double) income, no kids yet.
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Known also as "slip sheet" or "fly sheet." Two pages, back to back, inside a newspaper section, that are not connected to two more pages.
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One-half a full web. A dinky for a 35" roll would be 17.5". The outside edge of the dinky runs in the same place as one or the other outside edge of the full roll.