Definitions for "This hotel"
Keywords:  nice, hotel, choice, daniela, stafff
a choice location
a decent choice for budget travelers
a great choice if you are looking for a really good hotel room in the best beach front
a great find
a great value for all it provides - a spacious suite with kitchenette (full-sized fridge,
a great value in a wonderful location on the main street - Rambla Nova - in the center
Keywords:  stay, okay, excellent, decent, frills
a decent place to stay at if you just need a place to sleep with no frills
a fine place to stay
a good place to stay
a beautiful restored building, and close enough to walk to Covent Garden and the theatre
a strange combination of beauty and squalor
a converted Econolodge-dingy, dirty, dark
Keywords:  bargain, total
a total bargain
Keywords:  rip, complete, off, price
a complete rip-off for the price
Keywords:  japan, yards, rail, hundred, stations
a high rise that is just a few hundred yards away from one of the Japan Rail Stations
Keywords:  hazard, fire
a fire hazard
Keywords:  review, hard, one
a hard one to review