Definitions for "check-in"
The process whereby resources first report to an incident. Check-in locations include incident command post (ICP), base or camps, staging areas, helibases, or direct to a tactical assignment. see also: Reporting Locations
Process whereby resources first report to incident response.  Check-in locations include: Incident Command Post (Resources Unit), Incident Base, Camps, Staging Areas, Helibases, Helispots, and Division/Group Supervisors (for direct line assignments).
Locations where assigned resources check-in at an incident. The locations are: Incident Command Post (Resources Unit), Incident Base, Camps, Staging Areas, Helibases, Division Supervisors (for direct line assignments). Check-in at one location only and complete the ICS form 211.
The act of registering as a guest at a hotel, inn, motel. etc; the act of checking in. Used also attributively, as the check-in counter at a hotel.
Hotel arrival date and time.
the act of reporting your presence (as at an airport or a hotel)
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The client’s process of reporting in to their coach is called a check-in. Generally check-ins are made via email a minimum of once a week. Clients use check-ins to be held accountable to their commitments, to report on the status of their action steps, and to clarify their new insights that week.
Sharing one's recent personal experience, strength, and hope in a meeting with other sex addicts. Some meetings may have specific guidelines on what does and does not constitute check-in.
Where the swimmers report at the beginning of each meet to “Check in” all events they plan on swimming that day. The host team representative highlights the event(s) and the swimmers are then seeded into heats and lanes according to entry time.
All airlines request their passengers to check-in well before the scheduled departure time. Usual check in times are: worldwide flights - 2 hours. Short-haul - 1 hour.
(pre-press): Procedure all manuscripts go through when they are received for printing (optional for companion program) - photo pages, pagination confirmed, margins spot checked - includes general inspection for any unforeseen factors that would affect cost or quality of book.
To confirm intent to board a previously booked flight by showing a ticket to an airline representative either at the ticket counter, curbside baggage check-in or departure gate.
The operation performed on a revised file that stores the new file revision in the archive (or vault) and data about that file in the repository. StarTeam permits a number of individuals to work on a common set of files by allowing only one team member to revise a project file at a time. Check-in marks the end of one revision. The team member who checks in the file can keep it locked or releases the file to others by unlocking it.
The process of placing or returning a new or modified product information under control within a cPDm solution. If a revision is being created, this procedure usually initiates a review/approval process under control of the cPDm solution.
To store an item in the system that has been previously checked-out. The checked-in item may be a new issue (that is, a complete, approved item), or an iterim version (for example, an incomplete, unapproved version checked-in before going on holiday).
the time before the start of the adventure where all administrative duties are done. The Elder of the Realm records attendance, gives out Experience Points, appoints field Elders and NPCs. Weapons, armor, shields, costumes, and other game materials are checked for safety and usability.
This function, available from the Site (Front-end) for registered users with editing privileges, allows a user to make the items they were working on, previously locked and uneditable, available again. See also Global Check-in.
The steps involved when delivery workers return to the delivery station after finishing a route. Includes such tasks as paperwork and accounting for book inventory.
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Receiving, checking and signing for merchandise delivered.