Definitions for "Preprint"
Linerboard that was printed and rewound prior to the manufacture of combined board. It's used to make corrugated boxes with high graphic quality.
An item printed in advance of a publication, later inserted loosely into bound copies. Also called a blow-in.
News sections of the paper that are printed in advance, due to press capacity limitations. See Insert
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A scholarly article that has not yet passed the peer review/refereeing process. See also the Sherpa definition.
a research paper, which has not been refereed
The digital text of a paper that has not yet been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication by a journal. See also: SELF-FAQ: What is an Eprint
A copy of a book or section of a book or periodical usually issued in a limited paperbound quantity for some special purpose before publication date.
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a draft of a
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an early version of new work often in preliminary form