Definitions for "Ephemera"
Usually refers to fragile printed material such as magazines, journals, programs, menus, tickets, playbills, etc.
From the Greek work ephemeron, meaning something that disappears quickly, i.e., manifestos, programs, menus, tickets, playbills, etc.
printed material of a transient nature, not intended to be stored, filed or kept.
non-book items by or about (related to) an author. Promotional items and other non-book items having relation to a book or it's author.
something transitory; lasting a day
The general term used for collectibles of minor documents of everyday life. Also known as "throw-away" paper collectibles. This expansive field of collecting includes short-lived or transitory printed matter of current or passing interest. Matchcovers are ephemera.
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Ephemeris Ephesians
In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy setting, ephemeras are a group of creatures native to the Plane of Shadow.
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Ephemera is a pseudo-real-time based button smashing strategy game. It is designed to be played as a purely multi-player game. It has a minimal set of rules. It is FUN!
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A fever of one day's continuance only.
A genus of insects including the day flies, or ephemeral flies. See Ephemeral fly, under Ephemeral.
an insect that lives only for a day in its winged form