Definitions for "Prospector"
One who prospects; especially, one who explores a region for minerals and precious metals.
One who searches for gold or other valuable substances under the surface of the earth.
a person who systematically explores, searching for a mineral discovery
The Japanese Elm Ulmus davidiana var. japonica cultivar Prospector was formerly treated as a cultivar of Wilson's Elm U. wilsoniana Schneid., now sunk as U. davidiana var. japonica by Fu (Fu, 2002). A U.S. National Arboretum introduction, it was selected in 1975 from a batch of 1965 seedlings in Delaware, Ohio,and released in 1990.
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Prospector is a online calendaring program that is similar to those found at netscape and yahoo. It has been written to run under mod_perl and use an SQL database using DBD/DBI. It is currently being developed with postgreSQL. It only runs on Linux curren
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a millionaire--even when penniless
A business-level strategy that seeks innovation by finding and exploiting new product and market opportunities.
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a member that gives us a minimal amount of information, email address, gender, age and zip code in order to play our games
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a man who goes about among the mountains to discover ore