Definitions for "Pyruvate"
is a three-carbon carbohydrate that is used in energy production and fuel storage. It is derived from red apples, vegetables, most cheeses, and alcoholic beverages, such as beer and red wine. Pyruvate improves athletic endurance by enhancing glucose extraction, which is the removal of glucose from the blood circulating into the muscle cells. The muscles can then burn the glucose for energy if exercising or store it as glycogen for later use.
Pyruvate occurs naturally in the body. Pyruvate is said to be good in increased fat utilization, enhanced weight loss and reduced fat regain. It has been shown to increase endurance.
A nutritional supplement that has been found to enhance athletic performance and possibly aid in burning fat.
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A 3-carbon keto acid. Product of C4 cycle.
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A chemical made in the body.