Definitions for "Quincunx"
a frustrating aspect -- if it is the right time, it's the wrong place, and vica versa
An aspect created between two planets, corollary points, or cusps that has an arc of 150° 00'
An arc of 150 degrees. Also known as the inconjunct; this aspect creates a certain uneasiness and a feeling of discomfort, and it has karmic lessons to teach us. It is a minor aspect.
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An arrangement of things by fives in a square or a rectangle, one being placed at each corner and one in the middle; especially, such an arrangement of trees repeated indefinitely, so as to form a regular group with rows running in various directions.
The position of planets when distant from each other five signs, or 150°.
A quincuncial arrangement, as of the parts of a flower in æstivation. See Quincuncial, 2.
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a type of shape or design, more or less