Definitions for "recapture"
Keywords:  retake, recover, prize, lessor, capture
The act of retaking or recovering by capture; especially, the retaking of a prize or goods from a captor.
That which is captured back; a prize retaken.
To capture again; to retake.
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A process by which a ceding company takes back from a reinsurer some or all ceded business.
With respect to reinsurance, the action of a ceding company in taking back insurance previously ceded to a reinsurer.
In a reinsurance treaty, a provision that allows a ceding company to take back some or all of the reinsured business from a reinsurer.
That portion of the gain from the sale of real estate that is taxed at ordinary income tax rates. Calculated as the difference between the accelerated depreciation taken and the straight-line depreciation that would have been allowed.
The undoing of a tax benefit. Example: Certain depreciation may be recaptured on the premature sale of a depreciable asset.
Additions to income for deductions or credits against tax taken in prior years.
_ Water diverted for reuse from runoff of agricultural fields.
a legal seizure by the government of profits beyond a fixed amount
the taking of part of the profits above a set amount, usually by a government in the form of taxation. A recapture clause is the part of a percentage lease agreement that gives the lessee the right to terminate. definition of virtual reality defined definition of recapture defined definition of recapture clause defined
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when a bird has been caught once, was banded and released and caught again within the same year.
Loans made under the Tax-Exempt Program may be subject to a potential repayment or recapture to the federal government if the borrower sells the property within the first nine years of ownership.  More information about recapture.
Receipts Receivables turnover ratio
A contract stipulation that permits the seller of an asset to at least partially...