Definitions for "Registered User"
All users are welcome to search the ListFish directory. But, in order for you to manage your subscriptions to email publications with our ListFolio service, we do need your email address. That, however, is all that is needed to become a registered user. Our privacy policy, by the way, insures that your email address is secure with us and will not be released to a third party for any reason.
A "Registered User" is anyone who has completed the registration process and has received a User ID and password for our site. You must be a registered user in order to bid or conduct any other activity on this site.
User who has created an account and logged in through the client, causing the machine on which they performed this action to become registered to their own user account
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a customer that has successfully submitted their details to our Visitor Database
A person who has registered as a member of an online auction service. All online auction services require registration prior to participation in an auction.
To submit a confidential maximum bid to an online auction service's automated bidding system. The system's electronic "proxy" will automatically increase the buyer's bid to maintain the high bid. The proxy bidding system will stop when it has won the auction or reached the maximum bid.
A person or organization that purchases the Calnique(tm) Custom Calendar for $24.00. It includes free Lifetime upgrades.
Anyone viewing content or accessing email lists, who has registered but not subscribed.
In Mac OS file sharing, the name of a person who has access privileges associated with that name.