Definitions for "RFC "
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Request For Comments, written definitions of the protocols and policies of the Internet - IETF equivalent of a standard
Request For Comments. The official documentation defining the internet standards and protocols. Visit RFC-Editor for all documents.
Request For Comment, draft or approved documents managed by the IETF to define dataxom industry standards.
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RFC is a set of scripts that aims to help system administrators run a filesystem checker from a "master-node" to several "slave-nodes" using ssh, scp, sudo, and few other common shell commands.
RFC is a set of shell script that should help System Administrators to run a filesystem-checker from a master-node to a set of other slave-nodes just using ssh, scp, sudo and few other commands.
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Remote Function Call. Allows to call and process predefined procedures/functions in a remote SAP system.
Remote Function Call. SAP's open programmable interface. External applications and tools can call ABAB/4 functions from the SAP System. You can also call third party applications from the SAP System using RFC. RFC is a means for communication that allows implementation on all R/3 platforms.
SAP's Remote Function Call interface that allows non-R/3 systems to invoke remotely callable ABAP/4 functions.
river forecast center. A division of the National Weather Service which provides river forecasts for rivers within its area of responsibility. There are 13 RFCs in the United States. Their areas are demarked by hydrologic bounaries and watersheds rather than political boundaries.
Regional Financial Center. The Financial Management Service regional centers that act as the Government Disbursing Office for Treasury disbursed payments.
Centers that serve groups of Weather Service Forecast offices in providing hydrologic guidance and is the first echelon office for the preparation of river and flood forecasts and warnings.
An estimate (with uncertainty spanning perhaps an order of magnitude) of a continuous inhalation exposure of a chemical to the human population through inhalation (including sensitive subpopulations), that is likely to be without risk of deleterious noncancer effects during a lifetime.
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RFC 1459 RFC 822 RFC Index room rotfl rotflmao
Reconstruction Finance Corporation. In 1932 President Hoover agreed to the creation of the RFC, a federal agency which would loan money to banks, railroads, and insurance companies in an effort to stimulate the depressed economy and save the entities from bankruptcy. These were loans, not gifts or grants, and they offered no direct relief to individuals.
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RGS Focal Camera
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reconnaissance-fire complex
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Royal Flying Corps
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Russian Family Code.
Rise Fall Continuation. A now become dated method of tagging phoneme-sized segments with duration and frequency values.
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replication factor C
Radio Frequency Card. A proximity card in which the coupling between the card and the interface device is by radio.
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means Reflective Color LCD module.
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This is a measure of the amount of a specific chemical that people can be exposed to daily, without any directly resulting ill health by breathing it in. (See below and also Chemical Specific).
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reference concentration
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Abbreviation for "Right Side or Edge of Front Cover."
Registered Financial Corporation