Definitions for "Rounds"
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The time when the doctors, nurses, residents and other members of the health care team physically examine your child, discuss his or her condition and plan for the day.
the daily activity in which the inpatient team, usually consisting of an attending, residents, medical students, and occasionally PharmDs and social workers go through their list of patients and discuss each one in depth in terms of events and plans for care. Rounds usually begin early in the morning and can last anywhere from a half-hour to 6-8 hours depending on a variety of factors, especially number of patients, the severity of their problems, and the ability of the residents and attending to work efficiently. Rounds may be walking - in which the team literally walks to each patient's room to discuss him/her, sitting - in which the team sits around a table and verbally discusses each patient, bedside - in which the entire team has the discussion about the patient in whole in front of the patient, or a combination thereof.
Conducted each morning in the ICN, all aspects of care for all of the ICN patients are discussed in detail between the attending neonatologist, the nurse practitioners, residents and nurses, and plans of care are decided upon.
Cycles of multilateral trade negotiations under GATT, culminating in simultaneous agreements among participating countries to reduce tariff and non-tariff trade barriers. - 1st Round: 1947, Geneva (creation of the GATT) - 2nd Round: 1949, Annecy, France (tariff reduction) - 3rd Round: 1951, Torquay, England (accession & tariff reduction) - 4th Round: 1956, Geneva (accession and tariff reduction) - 5th Round: 1960-62, Geneva ("Dillon" Round; revision of GATT; addition of more countries) - 6th Round: 1964-67, Geneva ("Kennedy" Round) - 7th Round: 1973-79, Geneva ("Tokyo" Round) - 8th Round: 1986-93, Geneva ("Uruguay" Round)
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In tournament (and some club) play, each game played is considered a Round.
In club or tournament play, one game is one round. There are five or six rounds (games) per day at most tournaments.
Stages of financing of a company. A first round of financing is the initial raising of outside capital. Successive rounds may attract different types of investors as companies mature.
Venture capital financing is made in a series of rounds. The first round occurs once initial or seed financing has been exhausted and it is designed to further the product rollout phase. A second round is designed to provide the company with further capital for its product manufacturing and sales.
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34 boxes (trams) of coal.
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a hot topic in the VC blogosphere right now
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Rounds is an album by Four Tet released May 5, 2003.
Rounds are the number of opportunities provided to settle the case. A case creator enters three rounds of settlement figures when submitting a case. The responding party enters settlement figures sequentially. Subsequent rounds are available only in the instance that the case does not settle.
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The way we ring bells whenever we start or end touches. Midi Sound File
calling on prospective clients for photography and television
A specified number of arrows shot at distances stated by rules.
This is a term used by models when they go from place to place to introduce themselves, leave a composite and look for work. Usually you work from a list and see photographers, designers and advertising agencies.
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coin shaped silver pieces.
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Circular tables, size may vary.